Professional Pest Control in apartments (Budapest area)

Bed Bug control

Bed bugs cause very serious problem in Budapest. They may appear in all kind of apartments , hotels, hostels and last but not least in housing estates. Bites on skin are the first symptoms of bed bug infestation and at this stage people suspect spiders or mosquitoes as the cause. It is not easy to get rid of bed bugs. I do bed bug control thoroughly.

Cockroach Control

German- and oriental cockroaches are the most frequent species in Hungary. I eradicate cockroaches  on professional level in Pest county.

Ant control

It is more difficult to kill ants than You would think! Ants have a very developed social life - similarly to bees – and they will not die if someone use pesticides which are freely available to any customers.

Flea control

Fleas cause nuisance mainly in the summer when the number of adult fleas are huge and they jump to the humanslegs to suck blood.  Cat flea is the most common species (even on dogs), therefore, fleas appear mainly in such flats where pets are kept.

Wasp control

Individuals can easily eradicate such wasps nests which are visible, however, it is far more difficult to get rid of wasps when the nest is hidden. This is the case when I can help.

Body Louse

Body louse infestation is very rare in flats in Budapest, it is more common among homeless people. Body louse is a serious vector in 2 diseases. As a result the disinfection (pest control) of the apartment and the humans shall be parallel in case of body louse infestation.

Rodent Control

Budapest is famous for the results achieved in rat control. Still, in some cases, people may encounter rats in Budapest. For apartment houses and public institutions rat control is free of charge (municipality pays a big pest control company).

Mice are easy to be trapped.

Please, contact me if you have pest problem in or around Budapest. I do my job with full licence from authorities and I work conscientiously. I speak proper English.


Peter Jaszai, cell phone: +36/30-555 1938